DJ Welch


DJ Welch works as a Lead Concept Artist in the heart of San Francisco. He's always looking to be a part of great projects and is inspired by working with passionate, talented people. DJ has worked on an broad array of projects in the Animation, Comic, and Gaming industries. His career began at Cartoon Network as a story intern for Fire Breather and Adventure Time. As a freelance Artist he has contracted for clients including Blizzard, Marvel, DC Comics and LEGO.

Instagram: darkkenjie
Password protected portfolio: (please ask for password)

• Management, Team Leading
• Visual Direction
• Recruitment, Training

• Concept Art / Illustration / Digital Painting
• Background Design / Staging / World-Building (2D/3D)
• Storyboarding / Comic Illustration
• Photo/Photo manipulation


▪Blizzard Entertainment Inc
▪DC Comics
▪Cartoon Network
▪Cheeks 74
▪Whiteout Studios
▪Table Taffy Studios
▪Argon Design
▪Angel Star Inc
▪CA State Government
▪Bungie Aerospace
▪Systems Inc
▪Sunoco Inc
▪Namaste Entertainment Inc


-Mega Man Tribute, UDON Entertainment
-Marvel VS Capcom: Official Complete Works
-Capcom/Udon Entertainment; 9.2.2012 edition
-Table Taffy Artbooks 1 and 2 Table Taffy
-Gunshoes 4 Hire: Book 1 Table Taffy
-Gunshoes 4 Hire: Concepts 1 Table Taffy
-Pearl of Pandaria DC comics
-Adventures of Superman # 30 DC comics
-Bastion’s 7: Book 1 Table Taffy
-Bastion’s 7: Companion Book 1 Table Taffy
-World of Warcraft Tribute UDON Entertainment


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